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Water damage repairWhat happens to homes after standing in for weeks after a flooding incident? Well, for most people, the only option for such a situation is a bulldozer. However, there's a resolution better than destroying your life-investment. Getting proper professional water damage restoration such as services offered by Pyramid Restoration in Newbury, CA is the answer.

During such a problem, it's essential that homeowners figure out what is wrong with their home before trying to figure out how to fix it. The first person you need to call at this point is your water restoration company — Fortunately for you, Pyramid Restoration in Newbury Park CA have a 45-minute response time.

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When our technicians get to the site, the first service they will conduct will be an assessment of the damage. This process will determine the cause of the damage in cases of leaks, and repairs required to restore your home to its initial condition.

Water damage is very problematic since it causes structural damage that can adversely affect the healthy environment of your home. Prolonged rainfalls, leaking, or burst pipes are common causes of water damage. It is, therefore, essential to act fast. Standing water often creates the perfect environment for mold and bacteria. Prolonged exposure to such a situation can be harmful to occupants and can lead to allergic reactions and even diseases.

Parts of your water damaged property needs rebuilding.  Structural materials such as carpeting and drywall that can absorb water can develop mold and bacteria that are impossible to remove. Replacing such types of materials is always a safer bet than allowing hazardous organisms to saturate the air.

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After inspection, our professional technicians will use our state-of-the-art vacuums and pumps to remove stagnant water from your home. The type of equipment that will be used in this process largely depends on the extent of the water damage. Water restoration service needs to begin as soon as possible to prevent further growth of mold and bacteria.

Drying immediately begins after all the water has been removed and absorbent surfaces vacuumed. Drying is essential in clearing any remaining moisture pockets in your home. All personal belongings must be sanitized to prevent unwanted bacteria or mold growth. All carpeting and clothing will need antimicrobial treatment.

The most significant step in water damage service is restoration. This step often involves replacing structural materials like insulation and drywalls. In some scenarios, the process can be as effortless as mounting a few panels of drywall or as complicated as replacing entire walls in the living spaces. Exposure to toxic substances during this process like asbestos and lead is possible. Older homes will likely have these substances. It is due to this reason that this service is conducted by certified and experienced professionals.

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