Full Service fire damage restoration team in Los Angeles

At Pyramid Restoration, we bring a fresh start to every home/business owner who has experienced fire damage. We remove any soot, ash, or smoke so that we can guarantee you the ability to breathe easy.

We do much more than simply fix the damage. We are there to support homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities  through the emotional trauma and tedious moments like insurance paperwork.

Fire produces a lot of ash and soot. If this isn't addressed soon, it will eat away whatever it rests on. Ash contributes to unpleasant odor and discoloration and it can nestle deep into the porous materials in the building. Soot is an oil-based substance which is highly acidic and is usually a compound of things that melted. Soot is stubborn and might need special attention to remove.

There are many ways you can clean the damage from smoke, but if you want to eliminate the scent of smoke, get a professional to do the job. Even if the fire was small, the smell can linger for years after.


Get your home back to normal after fire damage

Cleaning household items

Smoke, soot, & ash removal

Smoke Odor removal

Storing belongings during the process

Inventory listing

Insurance billing

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Reconstruction and renovations

Don't risk lingering effects - trust our team!

Smoke Damage

Lingering smoke can cause nauseation and cause asthmatic inflammation. Smoke is a mixture of compounds that pollute the air. Dust particles, water, organic acids, and other compounds are released into the air, which can harbor in your throat when you breathe it in. This can cause permanent damage if not taken care of.

You should not expose yourself to attract further harm. Our smoke removal technicians at Pyramid Restoration will come with the proper respirators to stay safe and get the job done.

Water Damage and Mold Infestation

Water left over from fire sprinklers or firefighters can cause mold to grow. This makes the air quality in your home even worse. The techniques necessary to remove and prevent mold requires an experienced team with the right tools.

Trust that Pyramid Restoration will be able to restore the safe space your home once had.


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