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Water damage doesn't just affect a few selected states; it can affect anyone in any geographic area regardless of elevation. It is important to note that water damage can be caused by something as simple as a leaking pipe or as complex as a flood incident. Regardless of the cause of damage, restoration professionals like Pyramid Restoration are often called upon to repair and restore water damaged properties and homes. While water damage restoration seems like a simple task, it isn't.

Water damage restoration is a highly regulated practice that ensures properties damaged by sewers or floods are effectively restored for the safety of the human occupant. Regardless of whether the damage was caused by sanitized or unsanitized water, there are several other threats to water damage such as mold and bacteria that make it a health hazard. It is due to this reason that water restoration needs to be carried out by a professional.

Pyramid Restoration in Camarillo, CA

At Pyramid Restoration, we take water damage with utmost seriousness. Our water damage restoration process in Camarillo, CA is a multi-step process that is handled by our experienced and certified water restoration technicians. When we first respond to your call, our professionals will conduct an initial visual inspection.  This service is performed to determine the appropriate action that is required to reverse the harmful effects of the damage caused by water. If there are no safety threats, your contents are secured if needed, and the restoration process begins.

Our priority is extracting and containing all stagnant water. It is essential that any wet materials are removed from the affected area, including toys, throw rugs and pillows. Once all the water has been drained, any wet surfaces on walls or ceilings will be removed to help speed up drying.

After extraction and removal of wet materials, our professionals will begin the drying process. Pyramid Restoration in Camarillo CA uses specialized commercial-grade equipment during this process. These will include dehumidifiers, air movers, heaters and wood floor drying systems to increase evaporation and air circulation. This process is essential, and the environment will be monitored daily to prevent the formation of moisture that could lead to mold. Depending on the extent of damage, this process could take between 2-4 days.

Drying and Reconstruction in Camarillo

After drying, our technicians will conduct another inspection to make sure there are no hidden pockets of moisture. Once the damage has been mitigated, the structures need to be returned in place. Depending on the extent of damage, some structures such as ceilings, drywalls and furniture might need to be replaced. The final step of our service is the restoration process.

We value your service at Pyramid Restoration Camarillo CA, and it is because of this that we will inform you of all processes every step of the way. Our technicians will prepare a detailed report to help you understand the cause of damage and how to prevent it in the future. Water damage can be caused by something as simple as a clog in your bathtub. It can cost a few hundred bucks or hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how quickly you respond. Don't wait until it’s too late, contact us today for a free quote!


water damage

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