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water damage cleanupExperiencing water damage in Thousand Oaks? What you need to do is act fast! Pyramid Restoration offers state of the art water restoration services. You probably didn't know this, but indoor air pollution mostly caused by mold kills more children globally than outdoor pollution.

According to studies, water damage is not just a threat to the structure of your home but also a health hazard. Most homeowners and landlords dread water damage, and what's worse is when the cause is disguised as a hidden leaking pipe. A rule of thumb is to always contact water damage experts as soon as you discover water damage in your home.


Water damage can be a devastating occurrence in the home because it often affects much more than your furniture or carpeting. And while it always feels safe to save your hard-earned money, trying to restore water damage on your own is not wise. There are numerous reasons why this type of work is best suited for an experienced company such as Pyramid Restoration.


Quickly responding to water damage is essentially minimalizing the extent of water damage in your home. Water has been discovered to seep further into your furniture and structures worsening the situation. Mold and bacteria will begin growing within 48 hours of a conducive environment. At Pyramid Restoration in Thousand Oaks, CA, we specialize in quick response and will start the remediation process immediately. We have a 45-minute response time; our technicians will be more than glad to help you sort out your problem when called upon.


Pyramid Restoration Inspection Service

One of the most important services when it comes to water restoration in Thousand Oaks is initial assessment and inspection service. While our team strives to fix your problems in a timely fashion, we have to conduct an inspection service to find the root cause of the problem. Our professionals at Pyramid Restoration will use advanced equipment and moisture measures to locate water and the extent of damage in your home before the restoration service. Getting information on the specific class of water damage as well as the type of water is key to determining the best course of action.

Our Services

Our Pyramid Restoration is done as quickly as possible to stop the growth of mold. This process is done by using professional-grade vacuum and pumps. As soon as the water has been extracted, heavy-duty humidifiers and pumps are used to remove the remaining moisture. This process is essential since the humidity present in the air needs to be removed to stop the growth of mold.

The last step in our water restoration service is sanitation. Sanitation is a vital stage in water restoration regardless of whether the damage occurred from unsanitary water. Affected furniture, structures, carpeting and any other belongings need to undergo microbial treatment.

The final process of our service is damage repair. This often involves replacing floors, but, in some rare cases, it also involves restoring dry walls, insulation and the studs. For a full restoration service, our technicians will replace the drywall and any other affected materials to restore your home to its initial condition before the damage.

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