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…it can be a headache even as a common problem in Southern California homes and businesses. Whether it is from an obvious in an event like a flood, burst pipe, or roof leak, or a it small or hidden leak that goes unnoticed for a long period of time causing, you can trust Pyramid Restoration Inglewood to help you pick up the pieces.

We are your most valued experts when it comes to rebuilding after suffering water or fire damage and take the responsibility of rebuilding your home or business seriously and respectfully.

Water Damage: The Story

Sometimes damage comes in a catastrophic event like a flood, or it can hit you via a tiny leak that builds up over time. Either way, as soon as you notice the signs of water damage in bubbling walls or warped floors, give us a call at Pyramid Restoration. We will walk you through the process of preventing further damage while our fast and friendly team is on the way to fix the issue once and for all.

Our Operation

We have many years of experience that have allowed us to create a distinct process that gets your damage taken care of safely. How do we do it? We inspect the area and turn off the water source to assess and prevent further damage. We then clear out the affected pieces and begin rebuilding. We’ll even help you through the intricate insurance process.

  • 24/7 call for emergency repairs
  • thorough guidance through the entire process of rebuilding
  • reconstruction for water and fire damage
  • years of expertise all across Southern California

Fire Damage Services at Pyramid

Water is not the only type of damage out there, so we also provide restoration after a fire. We understand that experiencing a fire can be a time of loss and take pride in making the rebuilding process as smooth as possible. We:

  • assess the damage.
  • clean and board up the affected area for safety and to prevent further damage.
  • pack up your personal items that were affected by the fire and smoke.
  • clean up the scene, starting with removal of water that was used by firefighters to extinguish the blaze.
  • knock down and remove any affected parts of the building and clean the area so we can begin new construction and get your life back to normal.

We know that rebuilding from a fire can be an emotional time and take pride in the relationships we build with our customers and put personal care we put into every project.

Why Choose Pyramid Restoration

We wouldn’t be here without our customers and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with a job well done. We take pride in offering the highest quality of work and even follow up with you months after we finish to make sure the project is holding up over time and there have been no more problems.

Pyramid’s Values

No one cares more and works harder than our team at Pyramid Restoration Inglewood. We want to be there for you during this tough time of rebuilding, and want you to know that your home or business is safe in our experienced hands. Plus, you won’t find higher quality work at a better price in all of SoCal!

So give us a call today for a free consultation and quote for your water and fire restoration needs. Our experienced and professional team are ready to help rebuild your life!

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The Enviromental Assessment Association (EAA)

Environmental Protection Agency

The Cleaning And Restorations Association's (CRA)

Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

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